All of our wreaths are hand made and put togther as close top the season as possible so as to be fresh and long lasting for you.

We offer a:

18 or 20m inch inch Noble Fir and Western Red Cedar wreath with cones, Holly accents and ribbons

18 inch (WRNCR18) $24.50

20 inch (WRNCR20) $28.50

IMG 0360
IMG 0487

22-24 inch (WRNCRS22-24)$32.50

Should you want a bow rather than the ribbon, you may purchase of bow separately for $2.


18 0r 20 inch inch Noble Fir Western Red Cedar wreath with Holly Center

18 inch (WRNH18) $22.50

20 inch (WRNH20) 26.50


Robert Bower 2012