2022 Season

Beginning to warm up for thois season. Please forgive my lack of updating as I have been dealing with heart issues and even yet today Oct 28, 2019 I have isssues left over from a heart procedure in July. Will work on posting latest Fedex prices but send me an email and i can respond with a shipping prices for your location. Thanks for your understanding.



Here it is October of 2022 and we are preparing for the 2022 season. There has been a lot of activity this summer. Since we don't sell that much green Holly anymore, we cut off 15 green trees and are grafting them over to variegated. Wish us luck as the dry summer is not good for grafting.

We have added several new product this year which we hope you will like. We added a door charm that you can hang on your door, a center piece for your table that has both a wreath and holly to go in your glass container and an Advent wreath for your table or entry way to which you only need to add candles. the last iten is a larger Noble Fir Wreath 22-24 inches that has snowflakes added to the decorations.

Especially check out our U Make It section.

We hope you will like them all.



IMG 0466

Our new lighted sign right off of Highway 101 southbound

Bob Bower

Robert Bower 2012