Our hives are located here in Western Washington. We have two kinds available for your enjoyment, Blackberry and Fireweed. The Blackberry nectar flow is the major honey producing flow in Western Washington, and produces a darker and stronger flavored honey. The Fireweed plant is found in the Cascade and Coast Ranges and grows in areas that have been burned or logged. Fireweed honey is lighter in color, milder in flavor and sweeter than Blackberry honey. For the last several years Fireweed has not been available. Call to check on availability.

Fireweed Honey and Candle
1 Nine-ounce Jar with small beeswax candle
Shipping Weight 2 lbs
FC - $11.95

Blackberry Honey or Fireweed Honey
2 Nine-ounce Jars
BB2 - $13.95 or FW2 - $13.95
Shipping Weight 3 lb. Additional Items

Available for local pickup only, we also have: one pound squeeze skep - $4.50; 3 pound jug - $13.50, bulk in your own container - $4.00 a pound. Gourmet hex jars with gold leaf label also available. There is no sales tax on honey when not gift boxed. Please call 360-866-7708 to place your order and arrange for pickup.

IMG 0454

Uncapping a frame of honey using an uncapping fork.

Robert Bower 2012