Locally, our wholesale holly can be purchased by the pound(Old English $2.10, Variegated $2.90). We can pack up to 30 pounds in our large bulk purchase bags. We do not ship in plastic bags, pick up at our plant is required. Call us to place an order: 1-360-866-7708.

You can arrange to have your holly packed in ten pound boxes (gross weight) and picked up at our plant. Same price as for those shipped, just no shipping and handling cost. Call us to place an order: 360-866-7708.

By Fedex we sell our holly in 10 pound boxes (gross weight).

  • Old English - $19.00 plus shipping and handling
  • Variegated - $25.00 plus shipping and handling

Wholesale orders and orders shipped out of state do not require collection of Washington sales tax. However, we are required to have a resale certificate on file for all holly sold wholesale in-state. Include the form with your order. Without the resale certificate, any sales to a business with a Washington address will require us to charge sales tax.

  1. We begin cutting wholesale holly around the second week of November. We recommend you order early, but consider a later shipping date so that the holly has more time to mature on the tree and less time spent in refrigerated storage. BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE DESIRED WEEK FOR SHIPMENT. We will do our best to ship the week you request.
  2. Our holly is cut and then dipped in a fungicide and a hormone to keep the leaves on the stem. We cut as close to shipping date as possible to guarantee freshness.
  3. We sell each box by gross weight. However, some years holly trees produce few berries. In those years boxes are sold either by 10 pound weight or clear full (less weight because of lack of berries but more pieces).
  4. In some years we can not to guarantee red berries on the Old English prior to Thanksgiving.
  5. All orders are sold payment in advance. Please include your check with your order.
  6. On orders of more than 50 boxes, please call us first to ensure availability. After December 1st, please call before ordering more than 20 ten pound boxes. We are a small producer and as we get well into the season, we generally sell out on both Old English and Variegated.

Caring for Holly

Even though our holly is cut just before packaging and hormone dipped to ensure lasting freshness, holly is an evergreen and like any cut green will eventually become dry. Holly will retain its freshness for approximately two weeks at moderate indoor temperatures.We suggest you keep your holly in a cool, dark place until ready to use.

Robert Bower 2012